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About Haridwar

Haridwar Pilgrimage Tour

The holy metropolis of Haridwar is situated on the proper side of the bank with the holy Ganga. It can be this point exactly where the river spreads over the northern plains. Based on Hindu mythology Haridwar is among the 7 sacred cities of India . Haridwar can also be one of the 4 venues for the Kumbh Mela, held in its magnitude every twelve many years. Haridwar because the name suggests, also recognized as 'Hari Ka Dwar' or 'The Gateway to Gods' stands because the gateway towards the 4 pilgrimages of Uttrakhand - Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath. Aside from this, Haridwar is also a centre of herbal medicine and traditional research at Gurukul Kangri College. 1 can uncover many places of picturesque beauty on the outskirts from the town.

Tourist Attractions

Maya Devi Temple : An historical temple of Maya Devi, the Adhishtkatri deity of Haridwar is as one of the Shaktipeethas. It really is thought that the heart and navel of goddess Sati had fallen at this ancient Shaktipeeth, situated to the east of Har-ki-Pauri.

Har-Ki-Pauri : This sacred Ghat was built by King Vikramaditya in memory of his brother Bhartrihari. It really is thought that Bhartihari arrived to Haridwar to meditate from the banks from the holy river Ganga. When he died, his brother, King Vikramaditya made the Ghat in his title, now known as Har-Ki-Pauri. This sacred bathing ghat can also be identified as Brahmakund. The reflection of golden hues of floral diyas floating inside the river Ganga is essentially the most amazing sight within the twilight throughout the Ganga Arti Ceremony. Har-Ki-Pauri is essentially the most crucial ghat around the river Ganga, where a holy dip is a should for every devotee.

Chandi Devi : The temple of Chandi Devi in the leading with the Neel Parvat around the other financial institution of river Ganga was built in 1929 Ad through the King of Kashmir - Suchat Singh. It's said that Goddess Chandi killed Chanda-Munda, the army chief of your local demon king, Shumbha-Nishumbha right here, following which the place got the title Chandi Devi.