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About Kullu

Kullu Manali Tour

Kullu was as soon as known as “Kulanthpitha”, which means the finish from the habitable globe. Beyond rose the forbidding heights from the Higher Himalayas, and by the banks of the shining river Beas, lay the fabled 'Silver Valley' of Kulu. Right here could be the core of an intricate internet of quite a few valleys - each and every of which is really a visual delight and seems much more beautiful than another. The Himalayan mountain scapes stay breathtaking whether in excellent sunshine or inside the haze of the mist.

The city of Kullu has lengthy been a centre of faith. Within the seventeenth century, Raja Jagat Singh installed here an idol of Lord Raghunathji, which he brought from Ayodhya. Like a mark of his penance, he placed the idol on his throne and it became the presiding deity of your Kullu valley.

The town of Kulu is renowned for its colourful Dussehra festival. Embellished palanquins and processions convey Gods and Goddesses from temples all over the valley to Kullu, to pay out homage towards the reigning deity, Raghunathji. A fair springs up throughout the festival that is celebrated with a great offer of singing, dancing and festivity.

Tourist Attractions

Bishweshwar temple : The temple is located in Bajaura about five kms from Bhuntar airport and at an altitude of about 1600 mts. It can be the biggest and most appealing temple in Kullu valley and is considered to get constructed in 9th century.The temple has been declared because the secured website. It's considered the heroes from the epic Mahabharat, Pandavs built this temple in 1 day.The architecture of this temple is so excellent that it withstood the eartquake of 1905.

Bijli Mahadev temple : The temple is located at a peak of about 2450 mts at a distance of about ten kms from Kullu,it's one of one of the most striking temples and one of your well-known place to pay a visit to in Kullu. The temple consists of a 'Shiv Ling' , the statue of Lord Shiva.The view from the valley and wooded peaks from this temple is spellbinding.A sixty ft lengthy trident which looks like a silver needle is positioned vertically about the leading from the temple.It is considered that this trident gets blessings in the type of lightening (The Hindi word for lightening is Bijli).

It requires several hrs of trekking to reach here. The trek and also the climb is tiring but rewarding.A stiry is connected to this temple or fairly a miracle is mentioned to occur right here every single now after which.It is said that lightening breaks the 'Shivling " into numerous parts.After that the priest collects all the damaged parts from the Lingam and sticks it together using the support of butter which acts as the adhesive.

Manikaran : Manikaran, situated about forty five kms from Kullu and at an altitude of about 1700 mts is famous for its hot springs.1000's o folks take a holy dip here.The h2o is so hot that even meals like rice, vegetables and pulses can be cooked making use of this drinking water.The location is definitely an critical pilgrimage centre for each Hindus and Sikhs because Raghunathji temple and a Gurudwara is located right here. According to Hindu mthology, Goddess Parvati lost her earrings here which gave rise to the sizzling spring here.

Raghunath Temple : Located about 1 km absent from primary Kullu bus stand , the temple homes the idol of Lord Raghunath, the prinipal deity of Kullu valley.It is believed the idol current here within the temple could be the same that Lord Rama employed whilst providing prayers in the course of Ashva Megha Yagya. The world famous festival of Kullu valley ,Dussehra is celebrated right after his title. It really is believed that Raja Jagat Singh introduced the idol from Ayodhya, The start place of Lord Rama.

Vaishno Devi Temple : Located just about five kms from Kullu on the Kullu -Manali highway (NH-1) lies this temple. There is a small cave right here which enshrines the idol of Goddess Vaishno Devi.

Camping Sight Raison : sixteen kms away from Kullu and at an altitude of about 1450 mts. the location is perfect for seclusion inside the lap of nature and in addition for organizing youth camps.You will find quite a few orchards located in this component of Kullu. The ambiance is mesmerizing with fairly places extremely much apt for somebody who want to see the elegance of nature in seclusion.

Adi Brahma temple : Located inside the village of Khokhan about 4 kms from Bhuntar this can be a huge temple built with wooden.his temple has idols of Adi-Bhahma ji in the middle and temple of 'Garh Jogni & Manikaran Jogni' about the left and appropriate side from the temple.

Triyug Narayan Temple : This temple constructed in pagoda style lies about 12 ks from Bhuntar in the village of Dyar and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Naggar : Situated at a peak of about 1700 mts. on a wooded slope and around the left bank of river Beas , Naggar offers a commanding view of the Kullu valley. It was the capital of erstwhile Kulu state for about 1400 years. You will find large variety of well-known temples notably Vishnu, Tripura Sundari & Lord Krishana. Cars and jeeps easily go upto the Naggar castle. Roerich art gallery which houses the paintings of Nicholas Roerich in addition to his sculptures , is less than a km. from the Castle. Naggar is also a base for undertaking treks to Chanderkhani Pass and to remote valley of Malana.

Khirganga : Located in Parvati valley and about 22 kms from Manikaran, Khirganga is a place where the elder son of Lord Shiva, Lord Kartik remained in samadhi for thousand years. For reaching Khirganga one have to go by bus upto Barshaini and kind there to Khirganga on foot. This trek leads through hilly terrain.

Kasol : Located am a peak of about 1650 mts and about 40 kms from Kullu lies this broad open space.This bewitching open space slopes down in direction of the bank of Parvati river . This location makes a good holiday destination specially for those who have keen interest in trout fishing.

Malana : This small village lies just ahead of3Chanderkhani pass.It really is believed to get the oldest democracy of world.The place is famous for the temple of Jamlu and its distinct, social and cultural life.It would be worth although to visit this village to study the style and social system prevalent there.